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July 26, 2019 Fences

Ideas For Fence Decor

Ideas For Fence Decor – One way to add some privacy to your outdoor space is to put a fence. But while fencing serves this purpose well, they can be quite visually boring. So be creative and break the monotony with a few decorative fence accessories.

Amazing Fence Decor

Amazing Fence Decor

Lovely lights for fence decor make your own candle holders. This idea is not only free but also simple and inexpensive. First, mount a shelf on the fence, but to keep to a few candlesticks, or a board every few feet, or whatever works best for your fence. Then, punch cleaned, empty cans or soup cans, place a candle inside, put them on the shelves and insert them. Or place candles in colored glass jars. The twinkling, flickering lights that these low-priced luminaries provide interest and ambiance to any outdoor space.

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Embellishment bamboo for fence decor, use a decorated bamboo as a fence panel accessory. Bamboo fence panels are lightweight and inexpensive, and the timber keeps out well. You can design or patterns cut into the panel. Or paint it bright colors, or simply treated with a coat of clear gloss. Or decorating: Nail, tie, glue or hang on colored stones, arrowheads, string, rope, fabric scraps, tassels, feathers, beads, small mirrors, carvings, pieces of colored glass or tile or other trinkets. Then attach hooks and hang the panel on your fence.

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