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Fixing Tattered Bamboo Reed Furniture

Bamboo reed – Bamboo is a renewable and durable product, making it ideal to calculate indoor and outdoor furniture. Nevertheless, the sustainable product is not pervious to damage that leads to unsightly jagged rushes. If left untreated, it will worsen and lead to further damage. Correct the tattered bamboo furniture to preserve the beauty and value of the piece. Create a mixture of 1/2 tablespoon mild liquid dish soap and 4 cups warm water. Stir in the ingredients to create a sudsy mixture.

Bamboo Reed Ceiling Ideas

Bamboo Reed Ceiling Ideas

Dampen a plastic-bristled scrub brush with soapy water and clean the affected part gently to remove any loose dust and dirt. Wipe down the bamboo with a soft cloth to remove excess moisture and soapy residues. Sand section frayed bamboo with fine grit sandpaper. Use even, back and forth movements to remove jagged edges until the damaged part of the bamboo reed is completely flat.

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Find out the damaged section of bamboo with wood filler that closely corresponds to the bamboo color. Apply the filler to the section with a gloved finger or spread it on bamboo with a razor blade. Remove any excess filler with a damp cloth. Allow the filler to dry for at least eight hours or overnight before covering bamboo with lacquer, shellac or paint, depending on the existing finish fixing tattered bamboo reed furniture.

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