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August 27, 2019 Backyards

Bright Ideas Backyard Decoration

Backyard decoration – at first glance, a wall in backyard seems an ugly structure that is hard to hide. According to landscape design site, this could not be further from truth. Backyard walls hold many options, accenting areas within. By means of elements of nature, which vines and plants, is to design and decorate backyard a common choice in many areas. Dog looks backyard walls also attractive decorated with industrial materials and designs to better suit area where home is built. A backyard wall is a homeowner opportunity for expression.

Patio Backyard Decoration

Patio Backyard Decoration

Add a trellis for a backyard wall, a simple solution that allows for backyard decoration with garden design. Plant is climbing trellis and trains them to grow up. This process provides a wall, covered by green plants or flowers with an accenting wooden lattice complementary to wall. An ideal climbing plant for bars, climbing rose, which is a hybrid type of bush, which produces tendrils to hook on bars, climbing upwards. Climbing rose quickly cover a trellis in bright, colorful flowers and rich vegetation. Other ideal climbing plants include jasmine, sweet pea and passion flower.

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Backyard decoration with an industrial design provides opportunities sometimes overlooked in backyard. Commonly used in backyards in city’s industrial design using found objects such as hubcaps, tires or old pieces of metal. Hang an assortment of found hubcaps on backyard wall to create a design of metal, curves and straight lines. Other options include hanging pieces of old, twisted metal on backyard wall, decorating with plates and using old tires to create a column-type appearance.

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